Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breviarium S.O.P. Blog Poll

This blog has only been publishing on the internet since April of this year, yet we get visitors from all over the world! (United States, Russia, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium, China, Spain and Australia).  Welcome all!

Who are you?  Are you associated with the Dominican Order in any way?  Do you pray the Dominican Breviary?  If so, which one (the 1962 Latin edition or the 1967 English edition)?  Or do you pray the Liturgy of the Hours with the Dominican Supplement?

I myself started with the Roman Breviary in 2005.  Specifically, the abbreviated Office (Prime and Compline) available from Angelus Press.  A dear friend introduced me to the full Roman Breviary in 2008, and I began praying primarily Lauds and Compline.  On occasion, I would pray Vesper and Matins.  In 2011, that same dear friend gave me his 2-volume Dominican Breviary (St. Saviour's, 1967), and I have been praying it faithfully ever since.  In early 2012, thanks once again to that same dear friend and some very generous and helpful Dominican Nuns, I obtained my copy of the 1962 Breviarium Juxta Ritum Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum.  The primary hours I pray are Lauds and Compline.  That fits my busy work schedule.  Occasionally, on the weekend, I can pray Vespers.

I have recently translated the "office" of Pretiosa, which is in the 1962 Breviarium Juxta Ritum Sacri Ordinis Praedicatorum, but does not appear in the 1967 Dominican Breviary.  That translation, along with my recently obtained copy of the Martyrology of the Sacred Order of Friars Preachers (W. Bonniwell, O.P., tran., Newman Press, 1955) allows me to pray Pretiosa immediately after Lauds.  Briefly, Pretiosa is the last half of the hour of Prime, but modified.  It includes the martyrology, the commemorations of the deceased Masters General and the anniversaries of the dead.  I am planning a couple of posts on Pretiosa, and will be posting my translation of this beautiful hour soon for anyone who is interested in praying it.

Please feel free to use the comment box and let me know who is looking at this blog!  Anonymous posts are welcome.  Thanks.


  1. I'm a Lay Dominican and normally pray Matins and Lauds using the '62 breviary. Depending on my schedule, I will also pray Vespers and the other hours.

  2. Anonymous: Thank you for sharing your horarium with us. That is quite impressive. Do you pray the 1962 Breviary in Latin, or do you use the 1967 English edition?

    Can you share what Province you are in?

    1. I use the Latin breviary. Due to my schedule, I'm not very consistent with hours other than Matins/Lauds.

      I'm in the Central Province.

    2. That is quite impressive, praying the Office in Latin. I am able to use some Latin when I pray, but I am years away from being able to pray an entire hour in Latin. And thank you for sharing your Province with us!

  3. +
    Ave Maria
    Thank you for your Blog. I commend myself to your prayers, especially for my project www.traditio-op.org . My blessing "in persona Christi".
    Fr Guido Casillo OP

    1. Dear Father:

      Your project looks magnificent. May our Lord grant you much success, as you bring the rich, beautiful traditions of the Dominican Order to new generations!

  4. I've been praying the Breviary and the Liturgy of the Hours off and on for several years and started out with the Roman as well. My wife and I are just starting out with the Third Order here in St Louis and are members of the Rosary Confraternity. I have gotten my hands on a '60 Breviarium SOP and the wonderful calendar/Pretiosa.

    I pray Lauds and Vespers and have been trying to add Pretiosa (over lunch). Currently, I'm working on either finding or printing a copy of the '55 Martyrology to aid in that. I do the prayers in Latin, which is to force me to improve my Latin and it seems to be working.

    Thanks so much for this site which is of great help!