Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7: Anniversary of the Bull "Consurgit in nobis"

On this day, in the year 1267, Pope Clement IV issued the Bull "Consurgit in nobis", granting the request of Blessed John of Vercelli to give official approval of the Dominican Office.  From "A History of the Dominican Liturgy, 1944, pp. 197-198:
"We are filled with the greatest spiritual joy, when we behold those who are dedicated to the divine service bonded together in virtuous harmony.  Especially when we perceive them desiring, for the honor of the Divine Name, that the cause of holy unity should prosper among them to such an extent that their state in life may enjoy not only lasting peace and tranquil devotion, but also appear always well-ordered - as propriety demands.  For both reasons there is a great cause for congratulations, since unity of faith and pious deeds so shine forth in these religious that this renowned Order may assume this praise:  it possesses every adornment of surpassing beauty, and it is entirely free of every blemish.
Dominican Office crica 1254-1256
"Gladly have we heard your petition.  When your illustrious Order had, by the grace of Christ, spread its branches from sea to sea, the Divine Office was not uniformly observed throughout the Order owing to the various customs of the different provinces.  Wherefore, as true servants of God and sincere lovers of sound unity, you realized with commendable foresight that this diversity of observance would be prejudicial to devotion or even perhaps become an occasion of grave scandal.  So you unanimously commissioned Our beloved son, Friar Humbert, former general of the Order, to make the said office uniform, that everywhere throughout the world the entire Order might reverently and humbly observe this uniformity.  When at length Humbert had completed a skillful and befitting arrangement of the ecclesiastical office, you carefully examined the work, and then decreed in three successive general chapters that the arrangement of the office should be observed throughout your Order.  For this reason, you have humbly petitioned Us to add the authority of Apostolic protection to this office.
"We being favorable to your supplications and holding as valid and lasting the arrangement of the office, do therefore decree and confirm by Our Apostolic authority that the aforesaid arrangement is to be followed in all your houses and by the protection of these presents We do strengthen it.
"We strictly forbid anyone, without the permission of the Apostolic See, to change anything in the aforesaid office against the tenor of Our Confirmation and Constitution and that of the aforesaid arrangement.
"To absolutely none, therefore, is it permitted to disregard this confirmation, constitution and prohibition, etc..
"Given at Viterbo, on the 7th day of July, in the third year of Our Pontificate (1267)
Happy 747th Birthday to the Breviarium juxta ritum ordinis prædicatorum!!


  1. Thank you for maintaining this informative blog! I have found it to be a great help.

    I have been attempting to learn and pray the 1962 Dominican rite breviary for a couple of weeks now, and I was wondering if you could help me understand the rubrics regarding the Ferial Preces.

    In the Breviarium Romanum, my understanding is that the Preces include lengthy intercessions and are to be prayed on Wednesdays and Fridays during pentitential seasons. However, the only thing I can determine from the BreviariumSOP is that the Preces are to be prayed as part of any Ferial office, but evidently they do not include any specific intercessions (just Kyrie..., Christe..., Kyrie..., Pater Noster). Fr. Bonniwell discusses the Preces a bit in his 1945 history and also mentions extensive intercessions. What am I missing here? What happened in the 1960s and what is actually required?


    1. Dear Alan:
      Thank you for your kind words about my blog. You're understanding of the rubrics for the Dominican Rite Office are spot on. The preces, which are nothing more than the Kyrie…, Chrsitie…, Kyrie… and the Pater noster, are prayed on all ferial days (like today) outside of Easter and Christmas seasons. They are prayed at Lauds, Terce, Sext, None, and Vespers. These prayers are inherently part of the office of Pretiosa, so they are said every day when Pretiosa is prayed.

      Prior to the 1962 edition of the Breviarium S.O.P., there were preces that were prayed at Compline and Prime. These preces were different, and they were much longer. Those are the ones that Fr. Bonniwell is referring to in his book.

      Enjoy the Breviarium S.O.P., and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.