Ferial Office

F)  The Ferial Office

154 (170).  The ferial Office belongs to all ferias and vigils, except:

            a)  the sacred Triduum;
            b)  the vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord.

155 (171).  The ferial Office is arranged as follows:

            a)  at Matins:  invitatory and hymn from the Psalter or Ordinary according to the different seasons; antiphons, psalms, and versicle of the one Nocturn, from the current weekday; on ferias, three lessons with their responsories from the current Scripture or from the homily on the Gospel of the day: on vigils, three proper lessons from the homily, with responsories from the current feria.
            The hymn Te Deum is not said.

            b)  At Lauds and at Vespers: all as in the Psalter for the current weekday and as in the Office of the Season according to the different seasons.  On ferias, the proper prayer is taken if there is one, otherwise that of the preceding Sunday is used; on vigils of the saints the prayer of the preceding Sunday is said; on other vigils the proper prayer is said.

c)  At Prime:.antiphon, unless a proper one is assigned, and psalms are from the Psalter, of the current day of the week; little chapter and remainder are as in the Ordinary; short lesson is of the Season.
At Pretiosa the Rule is read.

e)  At Terce, Sext and None:  the antiphon according to the different Seasons, and the psalms from the Psalter for the current weekday; little chapter and the rest as in the Psalter or in the Office of the Time.  On ferias of Lenten season the prayer of Lauds is said; on other ferias that of the preceding Sunday; on vigils of the Saints the prayer of the preceding Sunday is said; on other vigils the prayer is as at Lauds.

f)  Compline: of the current weekday.