Friday, July 3, 2015

Miscellaneous Items

I hope everyone is enjoying the Summer.  I have been quite distracted of late, with some pretty significant changes in my personal life.  Good changes, that were long overdue.

Anyway, in response to a reader request, I have put together a copy of the 1923 Rule for Dominican Tertiaries (Rule of the Brothers and Sisters of the Secular Third Order of St. Dominic).  It is a beautiful Rule; much more precise and edifying (in my opinion) than the 1985 Rule.  The translation is the one found in "Dominican Life" by F.D. Joret, O.P. (The Newman Press, Westminster, MD, 1947).  The 1985 Rule can be found by clicking on the link to the Dominican Order and navigating your way through the Documents menu.  You can download the 1923 Rule here.  A link to it is also provided on the sidebar to the lower right.

Contacting Dominican Tertiary:  If you wish to contact me with a question, and would like a response, the best way is to email me directly at  For some bizarre reason, Blogger is blocking my attempts to respond to comments, when I use Google Chrome.  This makes no sense to me, since Chrome is a Google product, as is Blogger.  It word for the first two years I was doing this, but now all of a sudden it has stopped.  So if you are looking for a response, please email me at the above email address.