Sunday, September 6, 2015

2016 Calendar Update

I am just about finished with the 2016 Breviarium S.O.P. calendar.  In addition to the ongoing process of fixing spelling errors and minor rubrical errors, the 2016 edition will contain some new features.

The days for attending Mass, for those who wish to observe the traditional 15 Tuesday's devotion to St. Dominic will be marked on the calendar.  In addition, since a General Chapter will be held in Bologna, Italy to mark the 8th Centenary of the Order, I have included the traditional "Prayers for a General Chapter", which are prayed for one (1) month before the opening of the Chapter.  In addition to the prayers (in Latin and English), I have placed reminders in the calendar itself, so that the reader will know when to pray these prayers.

Making the calendar is a rather fun project, and I do it over the period of a year...working on it here and there when I have time.  Each year, I learn something new about the rubrics for the Breviary.  In some ways though, it is a bit sad to see which feasts will not be celebrated in the coming year.  In 2016, we won't be praying the beautiful office of St. Pius V, one of the four (4) Dominican popes, who looms large in the liturgical history of the Church.  His feast occurs on the same day as the Ascension of Our Lord.  Also, the feast of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces occurs on a Sunday, and so will not be celebrated.  On the other hand, skipping these feasts for one year makes their celebration in 2017 that much more enjoyable.