Monday, June 5, 2017

Compline from Pentecost to Trinity Sunday

We have finally arrived at the end of the period, in the liturgical year, where the office of Compline takes on a specific character that is proper to the seasons we have just passed through.  Beginning with the 1st Sunday of Lent, all the way through Passion-tide, Eastertide, Ascension-tide, it finally comes to an end after the week of Pentecost.

Compline begins as usual.  After the responsory, which is said with the Alleluia's as noted in the rubrics, the following hymn is said.  This is the same hymn that was prayed during Paschaltide, with the exception of the last two (2) stanza's, which change during Ascensiontide.

Jesu, nostra redémptio,
Amor et desidérium,
Deus Creátor ómnium,
Homo in fine témporum:

Quæ te vicit cleméntia,
Ut ferres nostra crímina,
Crudélem mortem pátiens,
Ut nos a morte tólleres?

Inférni claustra pénetrans,
Tuos captívos rédimens,
Victor triúmpho nóbili
Ad dextram Patris résidens:

Ipsa te cogat píetas
Ut mala nostra súperes
Parcéndo, et voti cómpotes
Nos tuo vultu sáties.
Redemption, Jesus, all divine,
Whom here we love, for whom we pine,
God, working our creation’s plan,
And, in the latter time, made man:

What love of yours was that which led
To take our woes upon your head,
And pangs and cruel death to bear,
To ransom us from death’s despair!

You pierced the halls of Limbo bare,
Gave freedom to your captives there;
And now you sit in victor’s pride
Triumphant at the Father’s side.

Let very mercy force you still
To spare us, conquering each ill;
We pray you grant us our request,
That seeing you we may be blest

On the feast of Pentecost and during its octave the last two versus are:

Dudum sacrata pectora
Tua replesit gratia;
Dimitte nunc peccamina,
Et da quieta tempora.

Sit laus Patri cum Filio,
Sancto sinul Paraclito:
Nobisque mittat Filius
Carisma Sancti Spiritus.  Amen Nunc dimittis:  Allelúia.  Spiritus Paraclitus, allelúia, docebit vos omnia, allelúia, allelúia.

As you in every holy breast
Have placed indwelling grace to rest;
This day our sins, we pray, release,
And in our time, O Lord, give peace.

Sin praise to Father and to Son,
To Counsellor let praise be done;
To Counsellor let praise be done;
The Holy Spirit's gift bestow.  Amen. Nunc dimittis:  Alleluia.  The Spirit, the Counsellor, alleluia, will teach you all things, alleluia, alleluia.

The antiphon at the Nunc dimittis is proper during the octave of Pentecost.